Getting to know a favela, or a “community” can be an amazing and very interesting way to know Rio better.

There are Tours where you can see up close this important part of our city and culture,

Walk through the alleys, meet residents and also have the chance to enjoy some of the best carioca views.

At the reception we have more information and you can make your reservation.

We have two options of Favela Tour:

- Favela Tour Pavão-Pavãozinho
Walk through the 2nd favela (slum) to be pacified in Rio and located at the top of Rua Saint Roman.
Meet “our community”!

- Favela Tour Rocinha
Known as the largest slum in Rio de Janeiro, it is already considered a neighborhood.
You will be able to see and participate in a Capoeira group!

NOTE: Both Tours depart from Pura Vida Hostel and are guided by certified local guides.

Be sure to visit at least one Favela in Rio!

Video Capoeira Rocinha:

Galeria de fotos

Venha viver esta experiência!

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